Faculty and Staff

Establishing a foundation of excellence

The faculty in the department of communication maintain a reputation of excellence through their teaching, research and publication accomplishments. Nine of our faculty members have received the University Teaching Award, while others have been honored for their excellence in advising.

Our small faculty-student ratio allows you to directly interact and learn from our faculty, who are experts in a variety of fields. The faculty further encourage you to get involved in the department through student organizations and research opportunities and with your community through service-learning and internships. Our faculty members are committed to supporting you as you pursue your passion and achieve your goals.

Dr. Isabelle Bauman

Teaching & Research Areas: interpersonal communication, diversity, GLBT relationships, counseling communication, research methods

Dr. Charlene A. Berquist

Dr. Charlene A. Berquist

Dir of the Center for Dispute Resolution

Teaching & Research Areas: family communication, conflict communication, research methods

Heather L. Blades

Heather L. Blades

Associate Director Ctr for Dispute Reso

Dr. John S. Bourhis

Teaching & Research Areas: communication apprehension, organizational communication, conflict communication, communication education

Dr. LeAnn M. Brazeal

Teaching & Research Areas: communication education, political communication

Allison R. Coltharp

Teaching & Research Areas: public speaking, intercultural communication

Nora F. Cox

Teaching & Research Areas: public speaking, political speechwriting, interpersonal communication, gender and communication

Dr. Randy K. Dillon

Teaching & Research Areas: intercultural communication, communication theory, public dialogue, diversity

Dr. Elizabeth A. Dudash-Buskirk

Teaching & Research Areas: political communication, rhetorical theory & criticism, social movements, research methods

Dr. Sam C. Dyer

Teaching & Research Areas: public relations, crisis communication, media analysis

Dr. Gloria J. Galanes

Teaching & Research Areas: group communication, organizational communication, public dialogue, intercultural communication, research methods

Gary L. Iman

Teaching & Research Areas: public speaking, small groups, online teaching, use of technology in education

Jerri Lynn Kyle

Teaching & Research Areas: public speaking, public relations

Dr. Eric R. Morris

Dr. Eric R. Morris

Associate Professor
Director of Forensics

Teaching & Research Areas: argumentation & debate, presidential rhetoric, persuasion

Dr. Taleyna M. Morris

Teaching & Research Areas: persuasion, research methods, interpersonal communication, online teaching

Suzanne R. Moskalski

Certified Administrative Professional

Roberta A. Rowe

Teaching & Research Areas: public speaking

Dr. Jake Simmons

Dr. Jake Simmons

Associate Dean-Research and Graduate Student Success

Dr. Shawn T. Wahl

Teaching & Research Areas: communication, instructional communication, rhetoric and culture.

Heather L. Walters

Teaching & Research Areas: argumentation & debate, persuasion, mediation & negotiation