Diversity and Inclusion Efforts in Communication

A message from the Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, inclusion and antiracism are central to the mission and vision of the Department of Communication.

​As such, my goal is to keep these elements of our mission at the forefront of our consciousness so that we can all grow into the ways that we enact diversity, inclusion and antiracism in our classes, our research, and our service to the university and the community.

Dr Isabelle Bauman​​​​​​​

Dr Isabelle Bauman

In our early departmental discussions about issues of diversity, inclusion, and antiracism, we decided to divide our efforts into three areas: structure, curriculum and advising, and public messaging. This website is thus divided according to these three areas.


Curriculum and advising

  • Dr. Stephen Spates led an event for faculty and graduate students titled, “Reframing Your Course: Inclusive Strategies for Syllabus Development,” on December 16, 2020.
  • Dr. Gordana Lazić received a Diversity Scholar Stipend from the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning at Missouri State.
  • COM 260 – Communicating with Cultural Competence, which fulfills a university general education requirement, offers significant opportunities to expose undergraduate students to issues involving diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Public messaging