Admission Requirements

Your first steps

  1. Become a Bear: Apply to Missouri State.
  2. Before completing 90 credit hours, follow these steps:
    • Declare or change your major to intercultural communication by visiting the Academic Advising and Transfer Center.
    • Meet with your assigned advisor. You’ll discuss admission requirements and develop your schedule.
    • Complete your major’s admission requirements. You maintain pre-major status until you meet all admission requirements.
    • Complete the Degree Program Application Form to update your record. Your advisor can assist you in this process.

Admission requirements

  1. Complete a minimum of 59 credit hours.
  2. Complete the General Education Foundations courses.
  3. Have a combined grade point average (Missouri State and transfer) of 2.50 or higher or have a GPA of 2.75 for the last 30 hours of courses completed before applying for admission to the degree program.
  4. Complete COM 115 and COM 209 with a GPA of 2.50 or higher.
  5. Submit application for admission and receive approval by faculty advisor and Head of the Department of Communication.

A student must meet these requirements by the time they have completed 90 hours of courses (Missouri State and transfer) to be admitted to the program. No waiver of these requirements will be granted except that transfer students transferring 90 hours or more will be allowed one semester to complete the departmental core courses after transferring to Missouri State.