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Faculty and students are engaged in the Socio-Political communication program

Why study socio-political communication at Missouri State?

  • Our program focuses on communication, persuasion and rhetoric, which prepares you for evaluating and creating persuasive political messages.
  • Our faculty incorporate social issues into the required courses, providing you with basic knowledge about the current political agenda.
  • The socio-political program prepares you for law school by equipping you with the skills to be an effective and persuasive communicator.
  • Our program incorporates media, political science, sociology and journalism classes to equip you with skills in all aspects of the political process.

Becoming a voice in the political process

The faculty in the socio-political communication program prepare you to recommend and prepare communication strategies for the political arena based on an understanding of rhetoric, persuasion and the political process. From analyzing political messages to understanding how issues are perceived by various populations, the socio-political program specifically focuses on the role of communication in the political process.

The primary areas of study within the socio-political degree program include:

  • Public speaking, persuasion and argument
  • Political communication and political campaigns 
  • Writing for specific audiences 
  • Media analysis, media law and media use 
  • Analysis of public communication and rhetoric

For a more detailed outline of the classes required for the socio-political communication major, please view the advising sheet.

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